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Welcome to Planted Aquarium Setup

Red Cherry Shrimp in a Planted AquariumThis is a place for you to learn all the tips and tricks to setting up and maintaining a planted aquarium.

I hope you love planted aquariums as much as I do. Few things are as beautiful, and relaxing, as a tank full of lush plants and thriving inhabitants peacefully living together in symbiotic harmony.

Their diversity and beauty make planted aquariums one of the most admired genres in the hobby. Plants are available in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, from all over the world.

I created this site and guide to help you to be successful in starting and keeping a planted aquarium.

Take a few minutes and look around. You can sign up for my newsletter and explore the articles in my blog. If you are looking for a great step-by-step guide check out my eBook in the store section.

It is essential to provide plants the correct environment to begin with. Not doing so can cause you to lose plants and cost you money. This is why I feel this guide is so important.